About Us

Hello..my name is Erlangga. I currently work at SijoTech as a senior software developer with more than 12 years experience in developing enterprise Java applications.

I provides consulting services on Java and Java EE technology, and also trains
architects and developers on software engineering, enterprise architectures, and Java-related technologies. Although interested in many areas of software development, I am a distinct focus on great UI technologies like the NetBeans Platform.

I created this blog as a place where I share about how to start java programming for beginners.

Many people say to be a java programmer is a difficult thing. Besides having to deal a lot with coding, a java programmer is also required to be able to master other programming languages as technology develops.

Java is a programming language that can be run on various platforms, from PCs (personal computers) to mobile phones. This programming language was first developed in The Green Project in 1991 by Sun Microsystem, a software manufacturer based in Santa Clara, California which was later released to Oracle, a data-based software company. Initially the language was called Oak, but the name Oak was first registered so that it was changed to Java.

So, enjoy your visit..