Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Is Java Easy To Learn? - 7 Reasons Why Learning Java


When someone wants to learn a programming language, surely it must start by choosing what programming language to learn. You can drop your choice on Java. Why? Because Java is one of the best programming language.

Java as a programming language has existed and survived for 20 years. Java has proven that from day to day become more advanced. Although admittedly, there are some times where java programming development is slowing down, but the effect it comes with better performance. Changes to Enum, Generic, and Autoboxing in Java 5, as well as advances in performance in Java 6, and the choice of Java as a programming language for android by the Google, have made Java a popular programming language.

When you compare which programming language is the best? What programming language should I learn? Should I learn Java? etc.

So it will depend on your definition of the best programming language, when it comes to popularity, there is no doubt that Java is on top, even if compared to C, which has existed for 50 years. Java offers many opportunities in terms of employment. You can develop Java cores based on server applications, J2EE web and enterprise applications, and can even go into Android-based application programming.

Reasons to Learn Java For Beginners

There are several reasons that can be considered why Java is a programming language worth studying in terms of opportunities, development and support from various communities.

1. Java is easy to learn.

Wow ... really?

When you see Java syntax, most use English. The syntax of the Java programming language is the set of rules defining how a Java program is written and interpreted. The syntax is mostly derived from C and C++. Unlike in C++, in Java there are no global functions or variables, but there are data members which are also regarded as global variables.

This makes Java programs easy to read and also easy to learn. As one of the best programming languages, Java is designed to be easy to understand, and produce products quickly through this language.

2. Java is an object-oriented programming language

During this time, there are two kinds of programming languages, namely, procedural and object-oriented. The downside of a procedural language is difficult to develop a large-scale program.

Therefore object-oriented programming was created. Once you know and understand the concept of object-oriented programming regarding Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphysm and Inheritance, then you can use it all with Java.

3. Have an outstanding IDE.

Believe it or not, Eclipse and Netbeans have had a crucial role to make Java as one of the best programming language. You can do the coding using the IDE with convenient, especially if you have been coding in DOS Editor or Notepad.

This IDE not only helps in the code completion process, but also in its ability to detect bugs, which is one of the important things in program development.
IDE has made a breakthrough by making Java development easier, faster and clearer.

Apart from the IDE, the Java platform also has some other useful tools like Maven and ANT to build Java applications, the decompilers, JConsole, Visual VM to monitor the use of Heap and others.

4. Rich API and outstanding documentation support from Javadoc.

One factor that makes Java successful is it has a rich API, and more importantly the API comes with a Java installation by default. Java provides APIs for I/O, networks, utilities, XML parsing, database connections, and so on.

Whatever is left behind is covered by open source libraries such as Apache Commons, Google Guava, and so on.

Furthermore there is Javadoc, which makes you learn Java easier. Javadoc also become a reliable reference when you perform coding. Javadoc is also a document that provides a lot of information about the Java API. Without documentation from Javadoc, maybe Java will not be popular. Javadoc also makes Java one of the best programming languages.

5. Very complete open source library.

Open source libraries ensure that Java can be used anywhere. Apache, Google and many other organizations have contributed in establishing many libraries, which in turn make Java development easier, faster and more effective.

There are several frameworks such as Spring, Struts, Maven ensuring java development using the best way, promoted by the use of design patterns and is supported by Java developers to give the best results.

6. Support from the community.

It is undeniable that the community has made Java a powerful programming language. No matter how good the programming language is, it won't last if there is no community to share knowledge and ready to help peoples in trouble.

Java has a lot of active forums, stackoverflow, organizations that provide open source and several groups of Java users to help everything. If you are a beginner, then there is a community to help beginners learn Java. Similarly, if you are in an advanced level or even an expert.

Furthermore, many programmers contribute as a tester. Expert programmers provide free advice on various Java forums and stackoverflow, so that for beginners will provide a more confident feeling.

7. Java is free and everywhere.

Everyone likes free ones. These factors make Java more popular among programmers as an individual or organization that will develop the strategic program.

Java is everywhere. That's right, Java is on mobile, desktop, cards, and so on.

The number of Java programmers is also a reason why many organizations choose Java as a programming language for the new development compared to other programming languages.

Well, that's 7 reasons why you should learning java programming.